Voucher For Site Changes

We have decided recently to change the way we run the site to help you find discount codes and special offers more easily. Wherever possible we will now group discount voucher codes for an individual retailer onto a single page and all the special offers on to another single page. This allows you to compare all codes and offers from each retailer on just 2 pages rather than having to navigate back and forward through the site. So now you will have all the offers in front of you on a single page and you just need to click on the one that appeal to you to get the code.

Not all retailers are giving us the information we want in this format yet, but hopefully we will get to the point where all of them are.While we have been doing this we have removed a lot of old codes so the site will look a little bit bare whilst we rebuild it. Please bear with us as in the long term this should give you a much better shopping experience and make it much easier to compare offers.

Let us know what you think using the comment box and we will try to adjust things to suit you where possible.

Update on Automatic Feeds

We have been using an automatic third party feed to update the site with voucher codes on a daily basis. We have decided not to use this service from now on and will now be entering all codes and offers manually.

This will result in a huge drop in the number of codes and offers available on the site, but on the positive side means that the quality of offers will be much higher. We found that a lot of the offers were of poor quality, often inaccurate and in many cases were duplicated. We also noticed that, particularly with offers, a lot of them were just a list of products with prices and were not offering you, our customers, anything special.

Also with the number of poor offers on the site it made it difficult to find the genuine bargains! By entering the codes and offers manually we can be sure that all offers are genuine and whilst the quantity will be less this will be more than compensated by improved quality and accuracy.This also means that if you are signed up to our RSS feed you will no longer be barraged by hundreds of irrelevant offers being delivered to your browser daily, but will now receive only a few genuine offers.

This change will take a while to filter through as old codes and offers expire, but you should see immediate changes and further improvements over the next few weeks. As well as the site not containing as much irrelevant content we hope you will like the fact that our offers give you a bit more information than previously.

It’s Sale Time Again, Time to Get Saving!

It’s that time of the year again and the sales are now in full swing.

As well as all the special offers in the sales there are still plenty of voucher codes available for additional discounts and free gifts. The biggest sales and best savings are in the our clothing & footwear and electronics & appliances categories, but we also have plenty of great discounts throughout the site.

It’s also the time of year when we all start thinking about our summer holidays and there are plenty of great deals out there for the early bookers so have a look at holidays abroad, UK holidays, hotels & accommodation and travel categories to see if you can bag yourself a bargain. Then sit back, relax and wait for the summer. Or better still, get across to the sales at Voucher For and sort out your summer wardrobe!

What’s the Future of Electrical Retailers as Comet Finally Shuts

The Future of Electrical Retailers

So Comet has finally closed. It has been painful watching another of our electrical retailers slowly dying over the last few months and they will certainly be missed by us here at voucherfor. How many more will topple before thing get better? No doubt there will be yet another enquiry at a cost of ‘x’ millions to determine why the tax payer has to pay out ‘y’ millions instead of looking how our government can actually help, but that’s another story for another blog, probably on another site! It is sad that it has happened at this time of year, a lot of Christmases ruined!

My initial concern was that with the downfall of Comet this would leave the biggest retailer of electrical appliances and electronic appliances, Currys / PC World, with a virtual monopoly. However it is good to see that we are still getting plenty of voucher codes from both Currys and PC World. I did have concerns that these would dry up once it became unlikely that a takeover would happen.

On the positive side for our shoppers there are still more electrical retailers out there than most people probably realise which should keep the sector competitive. Check out our electronics and appliances category on our main site to find out who they are. Also remember that most major supermarkets and general retailers such as Argos all stock a good range of electrical and electronic appliances. There are also many online specialist electrical retailers such as Ebuyer to help keep that downward pressure on prices and get the best deals for consumers.

So the future still looks bright, but we might just have to dig a bit deeper to find what we are looking for. There are still plenty of retailers offering appliances and electronics just not as many with them all in the one place. We will keep on working to try and find you the best deals so keep checking back.

Best Broadband Deal Online, Get it Here at VoucherFor

Best Broadband Deal including Free Evening & Weekend Calls

We think this superb offer is the Best Broadband Deal available at the moment from the Primus Saver Service by New Call Telecom. We have checked out some of the competition on line and this offer is head and shoulders above anything else we could find. Primus saver are offering this fantastic 12 month deal for a total of £13.99 per month (£12.79 line rental plus £1.20 per month for broadband). Unlike some others there is no additional charge to pay to BT for line rental, your only bill is to Primus Saver, so what they quote is what you pay.

What is Primus Saver?

Primus Saver is New Call Telecom’s award-winning residential service offering a number of high-quality, low-cost home phone and broadband packages. Our broadband service is well-priced and reliable, just as it should be.

We have done a quick comparison of what was available on the net today and this is what we found:-

Supplier Broadband Phone Calls Included Price Line Rental Total Other
BT 10GB Evening & Weekend £13 From £10.75 £23.75 Free for 6 months
Plusnet 10GB Evening & Weekend £6.49 £12.99 £19.48 Line rental £9.49/month if paid for 12 months up front.
Virgin 40GB Weekend £9.99 £13.99 £23.98
Primus 20GB Evening & Weekend £1.20 £12.79 £13.99
These costs as published on suppliers websites 14/07/2012


So now you have seen the price comparisons make your own mind up over who is giving the best broadband deal. This deal won’t be around for ever so get over to their site and order before it’s gone. (Primus Saver regular prices are still amongst the best going)

Best Broadband Deal Banner

You can check out the main site for any other offers on broadband and telephones here.