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A Quarter Of, Classic Retro Sweets We All Love

At A Quarter Of We came up with the idea for a fun, old fashioned sweetshop after a conversation in a pub!

We trundled off down memory lane, remembering all the sweets that we used to buy from the little sweetshop at the end of our road (on the way to school - most convenient!!). It was called "The Chocolate Box".

We were certain that the idea would not get any further because they couldn't possibly still make the sweets that we remembered with such fond memories... I mean if the did still make then surely we would have seen them around... and we hadn't... But in most cases they did (and do) still make them!!

Gobstoppers, Kola Kubes and Milk Teeth?

And so the idea for A Quarter Of was born. And the reactions of friends and family when we told them of the idea and their eyes glazed over as they started listing all the sweets that we just had to have in the shop (the list often went on and on - we struggled to keep up as we wrote the names down!) made us think that it would be a web site that people would like...

Enjoy the video review from one of our customers to bring back a few memories then click on the \"more info\" button to start your retro experience.

To start enjoying our retro sweets click here

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